Dry Ice Blasting Cleaning Blog

Dry Ice & Abrasive Blasting for Paint Preparation

Paint preparation often requires the removal of years – or even decades – of grime, debris and rust, in addition to old layers of flaking and peeling paint. Historical renovation work and the presence of… Read more

Polar Clean Restores the Beauty of Studebaker Fountain

The Studebaker Electric Fountain has a rich history. A gift from John M. Studebaker installed in Howard Park in 1906, this elaborate South Bend fountain fell into disrepair and was dismantled in 1941. The fountain’s… Read more
Studebaker Fountain Restoration

Dry Ice Blasting for Power Plant Electrical Components

Some of the most challenging cleaning jobs in a power generation facilities are the smallest. When dust and grime collect around the most delicate electrical equipment, like control panels and circuit boards, some plant operators… Read more

Should You Perform Your Own Dry Ice Blasting?

When you see the results that dry ice blasting can achieve – peeling away layers of grime, soot, and every manner of caked-on debris with no water, no chemicals, and no mess – it can… Read more

Eliminate Flash Rust, Fast & Water-Free with Dry Ice Blasting

As the term suggests, flash rust arrives on the scene with little warning. Some metals oxidize at the slightest bit of moisture and flash rust can appear in under an hour. It is characterized by… Read more
Flash Rust Removal

What Goes Up Must Get Cleaned: The Dirty Facts about Escalator Cleaning

Things can get pretty sticky in the escalator business. Dirty handrails are easily wiped down. It’s the treads beneath your feet where the real cleaning expertise comes into play. Escalators are subjected to every kind… Read more

Polar Clean Dry Ice Blasting a Key Ingredient in Food Manufacturer’s Safety Protocols

Consumers must put a lot of trust into food ingredient labels to avoid allergens and meet dietary restrictions. Preventing cross-contamination of ingredients on the manufacturing floor where different foods are processed is a critical health… Read more

Case Study: When the Going Gets Sticky, the Sticky Turn to Dry Ice Blasting

There are plenty of tough cleaning jobs in a manufacturing plant, but there are none stickier than trying to remove years’ worth of build-up on a machine that coats giant sheets of laminate with glue.… Read more

Dry Ice Blasting Makes Short Work of High-Proof Job at Kentucky Distillery

Whiskey distilleries practice a methodical art that combines carefully curated recipes, charred oak barrels and a process that takes its sweet time. It’s an incredibly meticulous undertaking, so when a venerable Kentucky distillery discovered that… Read more

A Day in the Salt Mines Leaves Dry Ice Blasting the Winner vs. Manual Chiseling of Hardened Buildup

At Polar Clean, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the results we achieve for our clients in places like power plants, oil refineries, manufacturing facilities, and historic restoration sites can be dramatic. Years –… Read more
Dry Ice Blasting for a Salt Mine

Dry Ice Blasting at a Starbucks Coffee Roasting Plant

When Starbucks needed two of their 5′ x 5′ and 65′ high coffee bean silos cleaned because of a coffee bean jam, they turned to Polar Clean for dry ice (CO2) blasting services. The Polar… Read more
Coffee Roasting Plant Dry Ice Blasting Silo

What’s Hiding in Your Ceiling?

Ceilings and rafters can house dust, grime, grease, and other contaminants that jeopardize the quality – and safety – of your products. Dry ice blasting provides a fast, thorough, water-free and environmentally friendly solution for… Read more

Dry Ice Cleaning for Allergen-Free Food Production: Clean Doesn’t Begin to Cover It

Among the most demanding standards of clean in any industry is the cleaning required for food production and processing equipment and facilities. Routine cleaning in this environment is tough enough, but when switching from products… Read more

Dry Ice Blasting of Industrial Motors

Did you know that electric motors account for up to 80% of all available electric energy used by an industrial site? Or that electric motors waste up to 50% of electric energy due to inefficient… Read more
Industrial Motor Dry Ice Cleaning

Brick & Masonry Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting

Prized for its effectiveness at cleaning industrial equipment like turbines, SCR catalysts, HRSG units, reactor tubes, and motors, dry ice blasting is also an ideal method of restoring brick and masonry. Busy building owners, general… Read more
Brick & Masonry Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting for Safe & Effective Method of HRSG Tube Cleaning

For HRSG tubes, dry ice blasting offers a safe, efficient, effective, and rust-free alternative to more time-consuming and costly methods of cleaning. Heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) tubes often become fouled with sulfur, salt, corrosion,… Read more
HRSG Dry Ice Cleaning

Industrial Facility Restoration with Dry Ice Blasting

A new startup manufacturer recently purchased a 40-year-old, 300,000 square foot facility that was formerly used as an automotive foundry – with walls, ceiling and rafters blackened by graphite, chemical build-up, dirt, and grime. Our… Read more

Dry Ice Blasting for More Effective Cleaning of Reactor Tube IDs & Heat Exchange Systems

For refineries, dry ice blasting provides a faster and more effective method of cleaning both the interior of reactor tubes and heat exchange system exteriors while reducing cost, liability, downtime, and more. Maintaining the cleanliness… Read more
Reactor Tube Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting Restores Historic Union Terminal

Gentle Cleaning Removes the Grime but Leaves the Years Intact Once a bustling Cincinnati train station that was filled to nearly five times its capacity during World War II as soldiers left and returned from… Read more
Union Terminal Dry Ice Blasting by Polar Clean

Automated Interior Diameter Tube Cleaning Research with Dry Ice Blasting Underway

Learn how Polar Clean’s ongoing collaboration with university researchers is yielding improvement in the process for automating the cleaning of interior tube diameters with dry ice. For many years, dry ice blasting has been used… Read more
Heat Exchanger ID Tube Cleaning

Dry Ice Cleaning Restores Fire Damaged Cathedral Ceiling to Full Beauty

When a man splashed 10 gallons of gasoline into the Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Ocala, Florida, and ignited it in July 2020, churchgoers escaped but the church was left with extensive damage. Afterward,… Read more
Church Restoration

The Advantages of Cleaning SCR Catalysts with Sponge Blasting

Good flow and distribution, a good ammonia-to-NOx balance, and maximum catalyst surface area for NOx and mercury oxidation are key to achieving maximum catalyst efficiency in a selective catalyst reduction (SCR) unit in power plants.… Read more
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Unit Cleaning with Sponge Blasting

The Most Effective Turbine Cleaning Available: Dry Ice Blasting

Power generation professionals know that natural gas turbines require proper cleaning to maintain peak performance. But the pressure to keep these turbines running can lead to deferred cleaning, unexpected and expensive downtime and reduced efficiency.… Read more
Gas Turbine Dry Ice Cleaning & Blasting

The Right Recipe and Key Ingredients are Essential to Producing a Quality Food Product

The same is true for building a superior service company to deliver world class engineered cleaning solutions. Polar Clean has three key components to our successful strategy: Safety & Risk Management Expertise Dry Ice Expertise… Read more
Key Ingredients are Essential to Producing a Quality Food Product

Delivering Excellence Through the Most Effective Technology Available

When it Comes to Delivering Excellence Through the Selection and Deployment of the Most Effective Technology Available, No One is Better than Polar Clean. The key to our high quality service results is in our… Read more
Delivering Excellence Through Effective Technology

Polar Clean has Engineered Cleaning Solutions for Coffee Roasting Plants

When your customers sit down at their favorite café and enjoy your coffee, they may be experiencing the impact of Polar Clean’s specialized services to the coffee roasting industry. Long before you and your customers… Read more
Engineered Cleaning Solutions for Coffee Roasting Plant