About Our Service Offerings

Media Blasting Services to Meet Your Cleaning Objectives

Client Services Offered By Polar Clean:

1. Contract Cleaning Services
a. Single-Clean Service Projects
b. Regularly Scheduled Cleaning Services
c. Embedded Service Delivery

2. Equipment Specifications, Recommendations and Referrals for Sales

3. On-site Technical Operations and Safety Training and Certification

4. Establish Preferred Vendor Relationship for our clients

5. Ongoing Consulting

Media Blasting Options

While Polar Clean primarily utilizes dry ice blasting as the process of choice, due to it’s superior benefits, Polar Clean also has expertise in using a variety of other media types and processes, based on which is the best solution to achieve the desired results.

Examples of these options include:

Dry Ice Dusting » This is a lighter, more-gentle cleaning process using food grade dry ice pellets or shaved ice as blast media to clean items such as electronic circuit boards, electric motor windings, smoke-damaged books, and more.

Low Pressure Dry Ice Blasting » This midlevel cleaning process uses food grade, rice-sized dry ice pellets to clean various applications that don’t require a more aggressive cleaning process.

High Pressure Dry Ice Blasting » This is the most aggressive dry ice blasting process available, and is utilized when surface contaminants require it.

Wet Abrasive Blasting » This technology is dust free, environmentally safe and is utilized for applications requiring a controlled-abrasive media.

Sandblasting » This process is much more traditional, and can use a variety of types of abrasive media. Depending on the media used, it may require containment and cleanup.

Soda Blasting » This process utilizes a commercial style soda to clean. The media has an impact on the pH of the environment surrounding the clean, and therefore must be contained in many cases.

Additional Specialized Service Offerings

Industrial Coatings

Because Polar Clean has the expertise to prepare surface for painting or recoating, it was a natural service extension to offer Industrial Coating services. Oftentimes facilities require painting due to aged flaking paint, metal corrosion, or fire damage. Regardless, the surface must first be properly prepared so that the paint will adhere correctly to the surface. Polar Clean’s Industrial Coating Service process is as follows:

1. Surface Assessment: This initial step includes a visual inspection and possibly a surface sample test to better determine the substance and condition of the surface to be coated.

2. Containment: Polar Clean establishes a containment of paint, dust and/or odor that meets the Client’s and situational needs for safety, comfort and efficiency. Containment can vary from a negative air and HEPA filtered environment to lesser extensive options, depending on the needs.

3. Surface Preparation: Based on the results of the surface assessment, the particular process for cleaning the surface is identified to ensure proper adhesion to the surface. Proper surface preparation is a requirement for successful coating adhesion. All surfaces are cleaned of any loose particulate such as chipped paint, dirt or grease, to ensure better adhesion of the coating.

4. Surface Priming: A primer/sealant is selected, based on the material surface. This coating provides a firm bond between the substrate and finish coat.

5. Coating Selection and Application: Spray painting works by combining the paint with air and converting the paint to tiny droplets and accelerating these out a nozzle. This allows for a quick and sleek process.

6. Clean Up: Polar Clean provides final site clean up to meet the Client’s requirements and return the space back to normal operations.

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