Lead Paint Removal with Sponge Blasting

Lead Paint Removal

Sponge blasting removes lead paint with an average of 90% less dust than other forms of abrasive blasting

Think of the cloud created when a bag of flour spills. Now imagine the dust cloud is made of tiny flakes of lead paint mixed with abrasive material.

That is what can result when abrasive blasting is used to remove lead paint. While blasting lead paint with abrasive material (typically crushed glass) can seem inexpensive upfront, the collateral considerations are substantial.

In indoor spaces, toxic dust poses a threat to operators. Outdoors, the dust can leach into soil and water and even travel to nearby communities.

Safer, low-dust alternatives include manual washing and dry ice blasting but may not be abrasive enough to remove layers of caked-on lead paint.

Sponge blasting is abrasive enough to obliterate large swaths of lead paint without creating a dust cloud – producing 90% less dust than other forms of abrasive blasting but equally effective.

How Sponge Blasting Works

Sponge blasting uses small bits of synthetic sponge infused with non-chemical, abrasive material to both remove and contain unwanted debris and refuse.

When used to remove lead paint, the specialized sponge hits the surface of the paint, exposing it to the abrasive material. The sponge then expands to pull in the dust and falls to the floor. Used sponge is recycled and used throughout the project.

Benefits of Sponge Blasting

  • 90% less dust than other forms of abrasive blasting
  • Effectively contains mess easier
  • Safer for operators and the environment
  • Reduced cleanup time (up to a week faster than other abrasive methods on longer projects)
  • Limited secondary cleanup reduces overall costs

Partner with Polar Clean

Polar Clean is one of the few specialty contractors skilled at using sponge blasting to remove lead paint both indoor and outdoor.

For more information, speak with one of our lead paint removal experts to see if sponge blasting is right for your project.

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