Dry Ice Blasting Careers

About Polar Clean

Polar Clean is the leading provider of dry ice blasting in the U.S. because we provide highly effective, environmentally safe and water-free dry ice blasting and other abrasive cleaning services for the most challenging commercial and industrial environments. Since 2011, facility managers, turnaround managers and restoration professionals have relied on Polar Clean for safe, aggressive and mess-free cleaning needed for preventive maintenance, shutdowns, emergencies, and restoration – without the risks and containment challenges of hydroblasting and other troublesome cleaning methods.

Dry ice blasting cleans aggressively yet avoids collateral damage to equipment, surfaces and surrounding areas. Polar Clean also offers sandblasting, hydroblasting and sponge blasting services when they occasionally are a better fit. Polar Clean services are utilized by oil refineries, petrochemical plants, food processing facilities, power plants, and restoration projects (both historical and industrial), where we have specialized expertise. We also work with manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical manufacturers, commercial printers, and government agencies where our reputation for meticulous, thorough and rapid results has been established over a decade of reliable service and process innovation.

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We are looking for people to help us take the next leap forward in our growth. View open positions if you’d like to join our team and work in the dry ice blasting industry for our business based in South Bend, Indiana. Please contact us if you have questions or do not see any open positions as some may not be posted yet.