Clean In Place (In Situ): Dry Ice Blasting

Prevent equipment downtime and productivity gaps with dry ice blasting for cleaning and preventive maintenance

When machines are taken down during planned downtime, a thorough cleaning with dry ice (CO2) blasting can remove rust, carbon buildup, grease, and other substances without the mess, damage or the threat of corrosion that water-based and abrasive cleaning methods can leave behind.

Clean in place is a cost-effective process that lets you protect your most valuable equipment while staying on your critical path and is ideal for the equipment below.

In Situ Cleaning


There is no faster, more effective or consistent cleaning method for natural gas turbines than dry ice blasting. This thorough and non-abrasive method helps prevent unplanned outages and reduces planned outage time by 60-90% for turbine OEMs (including GE and Siemens), turbine servicing companies, and power plant maintenance managers. Learn more >

Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) Units

Sponge blasting in-place helps ensure good flow and distribution, a good ammonia-to-NOx balance, and maximum catalyst surface area for NOx and mercury oxidation in your SCR by removing hardened ash in ways that traditional hand-cleaning, vacuuming and vibration cleaning can’t – with less risk and at lower cost. Learn more >

Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)

Cleaning HRSG tubes clogged with sulfur, salt, corrosion, other debris, and deposits is a critical step in ensuring plant efficiency, but the process often risks the integrity of the system. Dry ice blasting provides a safe and effective cleaning method to ensure your heat recovery systems run smoothly year-round, and will be quickly performed within your critical path timeline during your next shutdown when you use Polar Clean. Learn more >

Food Processing Equipment

Dry ice removes the grease, wax, proteins, seasonings, crumbs, glue, and other materials that build-up on food manufacturing and processing equipment and reduce their efficiency. Traditional manual cleaning methods are time-consuming, not fully effective, and can leave behind water and waste. Polar Clean dry ice blasting provides a superior cleaning process that can reduce cleaning time by up to 80%, and eliminate secondary waste, resulting in a significant reduction of overall cleaning costs. Learn more >

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Electric Motor Cleaning

Electric Motor Cleaning Before
Electric Motor Cleaning After

Generator Core

Generator Core Before
Generator Core After

Circuit Board

Circuit Board Before
Circuit Board After

Printing Roller

Printing Roller Before
Printing Roller After

Food Manufacturing Equipment

Food Manufacturing Equipment Before
Food Manufacturing Equipment After

Pharmaceutical Facility Equipment

Pharmaceutical Facility Equipment Before
Pharmaceutical Facility Equipment After