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Case Study: Dry Ice Blasting at a Starbucks Coffee Roasting Plant

Coffee Roasting Plant Dry Ice Blasting Silo

When Starbucks needed two of their 5′ x 5′ and 65′ high coffee bean silos cleaned because of a coffee bean jam, they turned to Polar Clean for dry ice (CO2) blasting services.

The Polar Clean team began by removing the fiberglass distribution piping and installed a flexible pipe that dumped the beans into provided 1,000 lb. bags on the ground floor.

Each silo was approximately 1/3 full so we had to rappel inside. Pre-roasted, raw coffee beans were causing a blockage so they couldn’t dump out. We loosened up the jammed beans with the use of pry bars and air hammers and removed them through the bottom of the silo.

The inside walls of the silos were then dry ice blasted in the area where the beans were, and the rest of the silo was dusted/wiped down. After cleaning, Polar Clean swab tested every 10 feet to ensure cleanliness. When finished, Polar Clean reinstalled the fiberglass pipes.

The Challenge

Coffee Roasting Plant Dry Ice Blasting Rapelling

Rappelling in the Silo

Coffee Roasting Plant Dry Ice Blasting Rapelling


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