Sponge Blasting Service

Reduce Power Plant Downtime & SCR Repair/Replacement Costs

While dry ice blasting has become the defacto cleaning method for many commercial and industrial applications, sponge blasting is needed when a dry, somewhat more abrasive cleaning or “micro-abrasion” is called for but dust suppression and low environmental impact are also required.

Safe & Environmentally Friendly

Sponge blasting is safe for operators because it refracts/rebounds and suppresses dust by up to 99% compared with hydroblasting and sand blasting. This prevents damage to nearby equipment and personal protective equipment (PPE). As a result, sponge blasting can be performed in confined spaces.

Being made of synthetic material embedded with micro-abrasive particles, the sponge media can be recycled, used up to 10 times, and contains no chemicals. This makes sponge blasting a more environmentally friendly alternative to hydroblasting and sand blasting.

There are over 20 different types and grit sizes embedded into the sponge, ranging from 0 to 150 microns (0 to 6 millimeters).

The Advantages of Cleaning SCR Catalysts with Sponge Blasting

Sponge Blasting

Sponge blasting is especially useful for selective catalytic reduction (SCRs), saving power plants millions in repair and replacement costs not to mention the value of reducing downtime.

Good flow and distribution, a good ammonia-to-NOx balance, and maximum catalyst surface area for NOx and mercury oxidation are key to achieving maximum SCR efficiency.

Sponge blasting does all three, removing hardened ash in ways that traditional hand-cleaning, vacuuming and vibration cleaning can’t – with less risk and at lower cost.

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When Dry Ice Blasting Is More Effective than Sponge Blasting

  • Gas and steam turbines and rotors
  • Heat recovery steam generators (HRSG)
  • Boilers, condensers and water boxes
  • Boiler stacks and chimneys
  • Refrigeration and cooling water lines
  • Pumps, valves and gates
  • Confined spaces in general
  • Any situation where cleaning-up the media isn’t desired (i.e. sponge, water, sand)

Sponge Blasting Service

Sponge blasting is ideal for SCR catalyst cleaning and our team has deep experience in using it to provide superior results for our customers. We also use sponge blasting to clean equipment in the ethanol industry.

To learn more, contact us: we’ll discuss your situation and problems, estimate your costs, savings and ROI, and determine if a site visit is needed to finalize a quote.

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