Our Commitment to Safety

Polar Clean prides itself in having the most effective and efficient process management tools and systems in the Dry Ice Cleaning Industry.


Our three areas of expertise are Safety and Risk Management, Dry Ice Blasting, and knowing each of our Clients Industry requirements.

Polar Clean firmly believes that there is no job worth doing which may jeopardize the Health and Welfare of our Employees, Clients, or Community.

We use a deliberate Composite Risk Management process on each and every job, which we meticulously plan and execute.

The process defines by phase: the task(s) and potential risks, an initial rating of that risk (based on the severity and probability of occurrence), controls used to mitigate the risk, a residual rating with the control established and in place, and an individual to be held accountable for assuring that the control is implemented.

Updates to the assessment are made upon: arrival at the site and any change in conditions which require new or altered controls.

Polar Clean has established proprietary tools and processes in cleaning techniques for a variety of Market Verticals.

The processes include: highly developed task organization wire diagrams, job descriptions and standardized training for each of our three operating levels; tactical Crews, operational Staff, and strategic Executives, Cross Training for all key job duties and responsibilities, Staff Priority of Effort reviews, Employee Professional Development, Intricately detailed 4 paragraph Job Orders supplemented by up to 13 relevant attachments e.g. satellite images and route maps, Administrative and Operations Job Folders with mandatory quality control reporting and process tracking metrics,Job Calendars, Job Schedules, Job Briefings & Debriefings (enabling success & facilitating continuous process improvement).

We strive to know our Clients through listening, in order to understand their short, near, and long term business needs.


We understand the “customer value proposition” by identifying client needs through evaluating their:

Organization » getting to know the client and their structure,

Processes » understanding their systems, critical tasks and desired outcomes,

Problems » we start with their end state and provide a solution through research, in depth analysis, and present a suitable, feasible, acceptable, and complete concept of operation.

Our tactical Crew’s safety and success is decisive to winning referrals and repeat business.

Our operational Staff’s depth of knowledge and professional development supports the Crew’s and our Company’s continuous process improvement.

Our strategic Executive’s vision & guidance shapes our growth and ability to serve the Customer.

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