Polar Clean Mission

Mission Statement

To become the national leader & subsequently the world leader in Engineering Cleaning Solutions in specific market applications.

Polar Clean is Committed to:

  • Providing excellent service to every client.
  • Risk Management in all that we do.
  • Clear and timely communication with every project.
  • Providing strategic cost-effective management in all phases of our service operations.
  • Providing compliance-level documentation.
  • Uncompromising effectiveness in the most complex challenges.
  • Saving money for our clients on every job.
  • Project completion in the shortest time possible.
  • Helping our clients achieve safety, quality and profitability in all of our work.

Achieving excellence through superior training, extensive preparation, cutting edge technology, professional experience and uncompromising integrity.

We are part of a family of companies who are all dedicated to serving our Client’s needs with expertise and integrity……Our Services are relied upon in every day and in emergency situations, so you can rest assured that we are up to the challenge.Our clients turn to the Sergio family of companies when their very recovery from disaster is on the line, so you can be confident in our ability to delivery for you when the stakes are high and time is short.When superior expertise and technology are required for success, our clients rely on our highly skilled team and cutting edge technology to produce excellent results, so you can count on us to produce the results you are looking for when you call on Polar Clean!

“Driven by regulation, conscience and bottom line, (food) processors are looking for greener solutions these days, particularly in the area of plant sanitation.”

– foodprocessing.com

Polar Clean was founded in 2011 by The Sergio Family. Corporate headquarters are in South Bend, Indiana, where national and international services are managed. Because of the tremendous resources provided by our parent corporation, Polar Clean has risen to become an industry leader in a very short time, with specialties in the Food and Beverage industry, Power Generation, Automotive, Ethanol, Petrochemical and beyond. Polar Clean has created both proprietary equipment and operational systems to allow it to achieve results that others could not achieve. Polar Clean is a reputation driven business, regularly exceeding our clients’ expectations, as we deliver our services on time and under budget. Polar Clean has achieved a series of world’s firsts, which includes never having a recordable serious injury.

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