Dry Ice Blasting Services

Let Us Do Your Dirty Work – No Collateral Damage

Clean in Place

Prevent equipment downtime and productivity erosion with dry ice blasting for preventive maintenance.

Shutdowns & Turnarounds

Dry ice blasting is ideal for deep cleaning and predictable, critical path execution to keep on schedule.

Emergency Maintenance

Dry ice blasting gets you up and running quickly with less unplanned downtime or disruption.

Restoring Glory

From manufacturing plants to historical landmarks, bring interiors or exteriors back to their original shine.

A Few of the Companies We Serve

Need a More Abrasive Clean?

Polar Clean also offers dry and wet abrasive blasting, hydroblasting and sponge blasting services when they are a better fit.

Get Started Today

Site Visit

We will conduct an onsite assessment to determine the right cleaning method and process for your facility.

Fail-Safe Operations Planning

We estimate scope, timing and pricing structure to ensure the most efficient project.

Predictable Execution

We mobilize our team, review our plan with your point person, do the work, and document everything.

Debrief & Improve

Process improvements identified after every job mean even better and faster results for future work.

Who We Serve

Oil Refining & Petrochemical
Restoration & Construction
Dry Ice Blasting Cincinnati Union Terminal

What Is Dry Ice Blasting?


Dry ice is a superior alternative to sand, bead, water, chemical, hand cleaning, and scraping because it cleans more effectively, does not use water, and there’s no mess to clean up afterwards.

Is Dry Ice Blasting Right for You?

Use our online commercial and industrial cleaning guide to see which method is right for your situation:


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