The Polar Clean Way: Innovation, Excellence & Attention to Detail

Polar Clean is a nationwide leader in blasting services, providing innovative, superior and cost-effective cleaning solutions for:

Oil Refining & Petrochemical
Power Generation
Restoration & Construction
Food & Beverage Facilities

Our Mission

To provide safe, effective, high-quality and cost-effective cleaning solutions for our customers with an unmatched level of attention to detail and customer service.

How We Work

Our work is carefully planned to ensure the right results with minimal disruption, downtime or risk.

Here’s an overview of our process:


  • Establish project goals
  • Assess the surfaces, equipment & areas to be cleaned
  • Determine the type(s) of buildup/adherent that needs to be removed
  • Identify additional circumstances that will impact the project. E.g. timing, heights, accessibility, containment, scheduling & collateral cleanup
  • Determine whether a site evaluation or sample cleaning is necessary


  • Determine which method or combination of methods will produce the best results. Dry ice blasting or a mix of dry ice and abrasive blasting?
  • Establish the scheduling requirements: Will the work take place during scheduled downtime or be choreographed around active production? Will overnight cleaning be used?
  • Identify the equipment, containment structures & workforce levels that will be needed


  • Staging of materials, equipment & collateral materials
  • Deployment of scaffolding and/or containment structures
  • Initiation of operation & safety plan
  • Checkpoints of progress to ensure effective deadline & workforce management
  • Completion & cleanup
  • Debrief to ensure client satisfaction
  • Identify areas for process improvement

At Polar Clean, our processes are designed to ensure the highest quality results from the very first steps. A cleaning assessment ensures the right cleaning method – whether it is dry ice blasting, abrasive blasting or a combination – and process for your facility and may include a site visit. We will estimate project scope, timing and pricing structure, review our plan with your point person, perform the cleaning, and document the entire process. Process improvements are identified after every job to enable better and faster results for future work.

Our team members are reliable, well-trained and capable – with training and certifications for a wide variety of specialized settings and circumstances. From working at heights, to working in confined spaces using supplied air, to designing and managing containment strategies for ensuring product safety and human health, our team has a level of experience and capabilities that sets Polar Clean apart. It’s one of the reasons our customer list includes so many industries with no room for error, including petrochemical refineries, power plants, food and beverage and pharmaceutical/medical manufacturing facilities.

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