Dry Ice Blasting Services for Post-Fire Clean-Up:
Carbon & Soot Removal

Extreme heat generated by fire chars any type of surface and causes tiny pores in wood to open and fill with carbon residue that can deeply penetrate and leave it permanently blackened.

Removal and replacement of fire-damaged ceilings, walls, columns, and floors in commercial and industrial properties can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Removing soot and carbon staining without damaging surfaces, especially wood, doesn’t seem to be an option except for those familiar with dry ice blasting.

Dry ice blasting removes fire and smoke damage faster, more effectively, and more environmentally friendly than any other method, especially when you use experienced professionals.

Experienced Dry Ice Blasting

While dry ice cleaning can be applied with enough force to cut a 2×4 in half, it can also be applied under pressure so delicate it amounts to a “dusting.”

Either way, using proprietary processes, equipment and dry ice formulations – and the skill of the Polar Clean team, who has deep experience in a broad array of applications, including fire damage and historic restoration – is incredibly effective at removing carbon, soot, staining, and odor following a fire.

Developed over decades of innovation and collaboration with engineers and researchers across multiple industries, proprietary methods and equipment make Polar Clean unique in our ability to tackle tough jobs like removing carbon from wood and other surfaces without damage. From fire restoration to mold removal, to the removal of decades of build-up for restoration, dry ice cleaning is the method of choice for jobs that require deep cleaning with a precise, safe, tightly controlled and water-free process.

Dry Ice Blasting Post-Fire Clean-Up Example

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