Blasting Solutions for Steam Turbines

ALOX, Sponge & Abrasive Cleaning Solutions Specifically Developed for Steam Turbines

Removing mineral deposits, rust, fouling, scale, and other buildup from steam turbines is most effectively done with abrasive blasting options, including ALOX (aluminum oxide), glass and sponge blasting.

For maintenance, efficiency and the ability to carry out effective non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections and repair, thorough cleaning of steam turbines is needed to remove the stubborn deposits that build up on the surface and components.

Steam Turbine

Cleaning Options

Polar Clean offers special expertise with power generation cleaning projects and diligent processes for assessment, planning and scheduling to ensure proper containment, dust control and minimal downtime and disruption.

We also provide a variety of cleaning options to ensure the right fit for every application. Here’s an overview of our primary solutions for steam turbine cleaning.

Aluminum Oxide Blasting (ALOX)

Often specified for removing stubborn mineral deposits on steam turbines, this finely graded abrasive is also effective in other applications because of its ability to leave a surface profiled (Mohs 9).

Sponge Blasting

Another abrasive option with superior dust control, sponge blasting uses a synthetic sponge particle embedded with abrasive material like aluminum oxide. As the sponge refracts and returns to shape, it suppresses dust by up to 90% compared with other abrasive methods. It is also effective for use in small spaces where other abrasive options can damage nearby equipment and create a safety hazard to operators.

Other Abrasive Blasting

For a more aggressive form of blasting, or where a deeper profiling of the surface is desired, alternatives include garnet and glass beads, which can be used in different formulations, depending on the application and the need for dust control.

Turbine Parts Cleaned

  • Rotors
  • Blade Carriers
  • Diaphragms
  • Valve Components
  • More

Additional Capabilities

Polar Clean expertise includes a broad range of specialized certifications and training including working at heights, in confined spaces and under conditions that require the use of supplied air.

We also provide customized solutions for containment to ensure maximum protection of nearby equipment or occupants and minimal disruption and cleanup. Our work takes us into a range of specialized and complex industrial settings few other cleaning companies can manage.

How to Get Started

If you need a solution for cleaning your steam turbines for testing, inspections, repair, or to improve the function and efficiency of operation, contact us. Polar Clean can help you identify the best solution for ensuring the highest quality results for your steam turbine cleaning project and provide a quote.