The Low Environmental Impact of Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting is an Environmentally Sustainable Cleaning Method

Dry ice blasting offers a superior clean and leaves nothing behind: no water, no media and no chemicals. It is non-abrasive, non-toxic, non-conductive, and leaves no secondary waste.

Dry Ice Blasting is Cleaner, Faster and Safer

It is the environmentally sustainable answer for food processing equipment, dry goods, electronics, electric motors, intricate tooling and any application where you need a cleaner, faster and safer method of cleaning.

Top 10 Reasons to Use Dry Ice Blasting:

1. Superior Level of Clean: Achieve the level of cleanliness you need whether it’s visual or microbial

2. No Contamination: No water, no media and no chemical residue so there’s no dry time or extra cleaning required

3. Reach Tight Spaces: Easier to get into hard to reach spaces

4. Faster: Simply takes less time to achieve desired results than other methods

5. Allows Equipment to be Cleaned in Place: No disassembly and reassembly which saves time and enables more frequent cleaning

6. No Secondary Waste: Saves additional clean-up labor and disposal expense. The only clean-up required is the material being removed

7. Non-abrasive, Non-flammable and Non-conductive: Won’t damage most substrates and can be used safely on electrical components

8. Environmentally Friendly: Meets USDA, FDA and EPA guidelines and eliminates the expense of environmental clean-up

9. Employee Safety: No exposure to chemicals or grit media for those in the area

10. Efficiency: Not as labor intensive as water, media or chemical wipe-down

Other Cleaning Methods Can Be Time-Consuming, Costly and Toxic

  • Sand, soda and water blasting can leave secondary waste and toxic substrates. Water and other media often become contaminated to the extent that special handling and disposal is required. This is an environmental, safety and cost concern.
  • Soda blasting can be a popular method of cleaning delicate surfaces. The downside is that the time spent blasting is matched, if not doubled by the time it takes to clean up the extra waste soda blasting creates.
  • Chemical and solvent cleaning methods can expose workers to harmful substances. These methods require proper disposal of toxic waste.

Environmentally Responsible – No Secondary Waste

There is no secondary waste because the dry ice pellets evaporate on contact. The only clean-up required is the debris removed by blasting. There is no water to reclaim, no solvents, or other chemicals involved, no heat, no media or secondary waste to clean up or contain. It is truly an envionmentally friendly method!

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