How We Work

Scaling our Solutions to Your Specific Need

Polar Clean utilizes a comprehensive, well-tested system for project management that always starts with a client assessment and Composite Risk Analysis. Polar Clean identifies client needs and potential risks in order to engineer a better solution that meets or exceeds all of the client’s needs, while reducing potential risk factors.

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Polar Clean includes an assessment of containment requirements, identifying the client and industry need for containing dust and debris during the cleaning process. Containment can vary from quite simple requirements, up to and including microbial containment, HEPA filtration, establishing negative air and more.

The results of these analyses and a detailed operational plan are compiled and documented in a written Operations Order (OPORD), which is then used to Brief and train all personnel involved in the project. Upon completion of every project, a Debriefing process is conducted with all personnel involved in the project to allow for constructive evaluation of the design and implementation of the project. This process ensures ongoing quality improvement in the Polar Clean process and in increasing valuable service to Polar Clean Clients.

Polar Clean’s Focus is on Achieving the Desired Results in the Safest and Most Cost-Effective Manner Possible. Our Equipment is Safe, Self-Contained, Transportable, and Versatile.

Polar Clean is committed to:

  • Risk Management in all that we do.
  • Providing excellent service to every client.
  • Clear and timely communication on every project.
  • Providing strategic cost-effective management in all phases of our service operations.
  • Providing compliance-level documentation.
  • Uncompromising effectiveness in the most complex challenges.
  • Saving money for our clients on every job.
  • Project completion in the shortest time possible.
  • Helping our clients achieve safety, quality and profitability in all of our work.

Achieving excellence through superior training, extensive preparation, cutting edge technology, professional experience and uncompromising integrity.

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