Dry Ice Blasting SQF Operations

Being certified to Safe Quality Food (SQF) guidelines for five years in a row has allowed us to be assured of cleaner, faster, safer processes and the highest standards for food processing as well as other industries.

Polar Clean is uniquely qualified being the first company in the world to have achieved an SQF Level 3 (Category 30) Certification, and achieved the highest rating of “Excellent” five years in a row.

While not currently certified, Polar Clean maintains procedures, training, and equipment to the SQF standards. Our staff still has SQF Practitioners and HAACP Certified Personnel.

SQF is a growing, international, third party audit and certification body.

Examples of policies, procedures, training, and equipment that Polar Clean has in place, as part of SQF include:

  • Gated Polar Clean to put other policies and procedures in place, as well. Evaluations are made on potential threats from contaminants, including Chemical, Physical, Biological, and Allergens.
  • Sanitation program – with schedules, procedures, and training.
  • Foreign material policy
  • Glass policy
  • Allergen controls testing program
  • Composite Risk Management of every job
  • Containment procedures and training
  • Training and operations verification systems, including mock recalls
  • Dry ice lot traceability – numbering of each dry ice tote, in case of a recall.
  • Security monitored equipment and supply storage – includes protection of our vehicles, equipment and dry ice from malicious contamination.
  • Over 50 training programs in total
  • See more at PolarClean.com/certifications

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