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Delivering Excellence Through the Most Effective Technology Available

Delivering Excellence Through Effective Technology

When it Comes to Delivering Excellence Through the Selection and Deployment of the Most Effective Technology Available, No One is Better than Polar Clean.

The key to our high quality service results is in our understanding the proper application of the right technology for each job. Polar Clean has developed a more effective dry ice blasting cleaning process by controlling the important variables of the cleaning process.


We understand both how to deliver our cleaning solutions with the right PSI and CFM. Getting this combination right is a key element to achieving superior quality results. There is a tendency by some to use what is called ‘shop air’ to power the dry ice blasting cleaning process. The problem with this practice is that shop air is not always adequate to sustain the appropriate PSI and CFM. Without that quality control in place, the specific pressure or volume of air required to maintain an aggressive and consistent level of cleaning in the dry ice blasting process is lost.

Compressed Air Requirements

Polar Clean uses high pressure air compression, requiring us to bring our own air compression equipment to manage the pressure quality we need for outstanding results. We utilize food grade oil in our equipment and utilize HEPA filtered and swab tested air so that our process is safe for a food grade environment.

Polar Clean Proprietary Cleaning Processes

Another Polar Clean distinctive is the fact that we combine mechanical and technological cleaning techniques in our own proprietary cleaning processes, along with specialized, custom designed nozzles and other equipment to out-clean our competitors and provide a higher result for our clients.

Food Grade Dry Ice

We understand the food processing environment and use only food grade dry ice in our cleaning process. Our quality management that delivers consistent quality service is clean and safe for your food grade facilities. Polar Clean achieves a better and more efficient clean for our clients but investing in the best technology and fielding the best trained team of Certified Dry Ice Blasting Technicians in the industry.

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