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Case Study: Ceiling Paint Removal for a Beverage Manufacturer

Hard Tea & Hard Deadlines: Polar Clean Steps in Where Other Blasting Companies Take a Hard Pass When the maker of a popular brand of hard iced tea needed a solution for a flaking ceiling… Read more
Conveyor Line

Case Study: Manufacturing Facility Restoration with Dry Ice Blasting

A new startup manufacturer recently purchased a 40-year-old, 300,000 square foot facility that was formerly used as an automotive foundry – with walls, ceiling and rafters blackened by graphite, chemical build-up, dirt, and grime. Our… Read more

Case Study: When the Going Gets Sticky, the Sticky Turn to Dry Ice Blasting

There are plenty of tough cleaning jobs in a manufacturing plant, but there are none stickier than trying to remove years’ worth of build-up on a machine that coats giant sheets of laminate with glue.… Read more