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How Dry Ice Blasting Restored an Apartment Building Pummeled by Dual Blazes

When an electrical fire damaged the left side of a 12-unit apartment building in southern Indiana in 2021, residents and responders likely thought the worst was behind them. But before the restoration was completed, a… Read more
Fire Restoration

How Is Dry Ice Blasting Priced?

Types of materials, square footage, timing, location, and more can influence the cost of dry ice blasting. Here’s what to know. Do you struggle with the tedious work of hand-cleaning your facilities or equipment? Is… Read more
Dry Ice Pricing

Lead-Based Paint Removal for a Historic Building While in Use

Constructed in 1934, the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse in Lexington, Kentucky required a new paint job to reverse 85 years of exposure to elements and to restore the exterior to its stately origins. It… Read more

New Guide: Why Use Dry Ice Blasting?

At first glance, hardened deposits on heat exchanger tube bundles, fire-damaged ceiling joists and glue-covered laminate machines may seem to have little in common. Look deeper, though, and you’ll uncover a common thread: each scenario… Read more
Why Use Dry Ice Blasting Guide