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Best Practices for Paint Removal on Brick & Concrete

Whether you're the proud owner of a vintage property cloaked under layers of paint accumulated over the years, or a contractor working to revive a brick or concrete structure to its original allure, you’ve got… Read more
Removing paint from a brick

Dry Ice Blasting Restores Historic Union Terminal

Gentle Cleaning Removes the Grime but Leaves the Years Intact Once a bustling Cincinnati train station that was filled to nearly five times its capacity during World War II as soldiers left and returned from… Read more
Union Terminal Dry Ice Blasting by Polar Clean

Industrial Cleaning & Blasting for Impossible Jobs

What do grime-caked historic buildings, petrochemical reactor tubes and salt mines have in common? They’re all “impossible” to clean by the standards of most industrial cleaning companies – too fragile, inaccessible, or water-sensitive for ordinary… Read more
Salt mine

Lead-Based Paint Removal for a Historic Building While in Use

Constructed in 1934, the U.S. Post Office and Courthouse in Lexington, Kentucky required a new paint job to reverse 85 years of exposure to elements and to restore the exterior to its stately origins. It… Read more