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Case Study: A Day in the Salt Mines Leaves Dry Ice Blasting the Winner vs. Manual Chiseling of Hardened Build-Up

At Polar Clean, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the results we achieve for our clients in places like power plants, oil refineries, manufacturing facilities, and historic restoration sites can be dramatic. Years –… Read more
Dry Ice Blasting for a Salt Mine

Case Study: Ceiling Paint Removal for a Beverage Manufacturer

Hard Tea & Hard Deadlines: Polar Clean Steps in Where Other Blasting Companies Take a Hard Pass When the maker of a popular brand of hard iced tea needed a solution for a flaking ceiling… Read more
Conveyor Line

Case Study: Dry Ice Blasting at a Starbucks Coffee Roasting Plant

When Starbucks needed two of their 5′ x 5′ and 65′ high coffee bean silos cleaned because of a coffee bean jam, they turned to Polar Clean for dry ice (CO2) blasting services. The Polar… Read more
Coffee Roasting Plant Dry Ice Blasting Silo

Case Study: Dry Ice Blasting Makes Short Work of High-Proof Job at Kentucky Distillery

Whiskey distilleries practice a methodical art that combines carefully curated recipes, charred oak barrels and a process that takes its sweet time. It’s an incredibly meticulous undertaking, so when a venerable Kentucky distillery discovered that… Read more

Case Study: Dry Ice Blasts Away the Years in Service to a Centuries Old Craft

Time, quality and attention to detail are the hallmarks of craft. And where you find one form of craft, you are likely to find others surrounding it. That’s why Kentucky’s premier distilleries rely on the… Read more

Case Study: Dry Ice Cleaning Restores Fire Damaged Cathedral Ceiling to Full Beauty

When a man splashed 10 gallons of gasoline into the Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Ocala, Florida, and ignited it in July 2020, churchgoers escaped but the church was left with extensive damage. Afterward,… Read more
Church Restoration

Case Study: Manufacturing Facility Restoration with Dry Ice Blasting

A new startup manufacturer recently purchased a 40-year-old, 300,000 square foot facility that was formerly used as an automotive foundry – with walls, ceiling and rafters blackened by graphite, chemical build-up, dirt, and grime. Our… Read more

Case Study: Polar Clean Dry Ice Blasting a Key Ingredient in Food Manufacturer’s Safety Protocols

Consumers must put a lot of trust into food ingredient labels to avoid allergens and meet dietary restrictions. Preventing cross-contamination of ingredients on the manufacturing floor where different foods are processed is a critical health… Read more

Case Study: When the Going Gets Sticky, the Sticky Turn to Dry Ice Blasting

There are plenty of tough cleaning jobs in a manufacturing plant, but there are none stickier than trying to remove years’ worth of build-up on a machine that coats giant sheets of laminate with glue.… Read more