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Automated Interior Diameter Tube Cleaning Research with Dry Ice Blasting Underway

Learn how Polar Clean’s ongoing collaboration with university researchers is yielding improvement in the process for automating the cleaning of interior tube diameters with dry ice. For many years, dry ice blasting has been used… Read more
Heat Exchanger ID Tube Cleaning

Case Study: Refinery Replaces Hand-Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting

Learn why one refinery turnaround crew happily relinquished their wire brushes in favor of a much faster and effective cleaning solution Few cleaning jobs are as difficult as keeping the inside of a petroleum reactor… Read more
Oil refinery

The Most Effective Gas Turbine Cleaning Available: Dry Ice Blasting

Power generation professionals know that natural gas turbines require proper cleaning to maintain peak performance. But the pressure to keep these turbines running can lead to deferred cleaning, unexpected and expensive downtime and reduced efficiency.… Read more
Gas Turbine Dry Ice Cleaning & Blasting