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Case Study: Refinery Replaces Hand-Cleaning with Dry Ice Blasting

Learn why one refinery turnaround crew happily relinquished their wire brushes in favor of a much faster and effective cleaning solution Few cleaning jobs are as difficult as keeping the inside of a petroleum reactor… Read more
Oil refinery

Dry Ice & Abrasive Blasting for Paint Preparation

Paint preparation often requires the removal of years – or even decades – of grime, debris and rust, in addition to old layers of flaking and peeling paint. Historical renovation work and the presence of… Read more

Dry Ice, Sponge & Abrasive Blasting: A Comparison

Learn Which One or Combination Is Right for Your Commercial or Industrial Challenge Commercial and industrial cleaning projects are often a highly customized undertaking. What works in one setting is not appropriate in another. The… Read more
Worker in a confined space

Historic South Bend Armory Restoration Gets the Polar Clean Touch

On the east bank of South Bend, overlooking the St. Joseph River and across the street from the city’s Farmers Market, there stands a tidy, chimney-stacked, red brick building. The building is (most recently) called… Read more

New Guide: Blasting & Cleaning Best Practices for Power Plants

Few industrial cleaning projects are as challenging as keeping gas and steam turbines, HRSGs, SCR catalysts, and other power generation equipment clean and free of buildup and debris. From safety risks to the potential for… Read more
Outside view of factory

New Guide: Blasting Solutions for Restoration Projects

Commercial, industrial and historic restoration cleaning projects pose a wide array of challenging scenarios, beginning with identifying the right method and approach. Our new guide, Blasting Solutions for Restoration Projects, provides an overview of the… Read more

New Guide: Innovative Blasting Solutions for Manufacturers

In the manufacturing industry, finding the right cleaning solution for equipment and facilities can be as complex as the machinery and other applications it’s intended for. Our new guide, Your Guide to Blasting Solutions for… Read more
Manufacturing facility

Pet Food Production Cleaning Done Right

With the U.S. market for pet food and treats expected to hit nearly $63 billion this year, pet food manufacturers don’t have the luxury of much downtime. Keeping up with the demand for all that… Read more
Dog biscuits

Polar Clean Restores the Beauty of Studebaker Fountain

The Studebaker Electric Fountain has a rich history. A gift from John M. Studebaker installed in Howard Park in 1906, this elaborate South Bend fountain fell into disrepair and was dismantled in 1941. The fountain’s… Read more

The Most Effective Gas Turbine Cleaning Available: Dry Ice Blasting

Power generation professionals know that natural gas turbines require proper cleaning to maintain peak performance. But the pressure to keep these turbines running can lead to deferred cleaning, unexpected and expensive downtime and reduced efficiency.… Read more
Gas Turbine Dry Ice Cleaning & Blasting