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A Day in the Salt Mines Leaves Dry Ice Blasting the Winner vs. Manual Chiseling of Hardened Buildup

At Polar Clean, it’s not an exaggeration to say that the results we achieve for our clients in places like power plants, oil refineries, manufacturing facilities, and historic restoration sites can be dramatic. Years –… Read more
Dry Ice Blasting for a Salt Mine

Automated Interior Diameter Tube Cleaning Research with Dry Ice Blasting Underway

Learn how Polar Clean’s ongoing collaboration with university researchers is yielding improvement in the process for automating the cleaning of interior tube diameters with dry ice. For many years, dry ice blasting has been used… Read more
Heat Exchanger ID Tube Cleaning

Eliminate Flash Rust, Fast & Water-Free with Dry Ice Blasting

As the term suggests, flash rust arrives on the scene with little warning. Some metals oxidize at the slightest bit of moisture and flash rust can appear in under an hour. It is characterized by… Read more
Flash Rust Removal