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Dry Ice Blasting for Fire Restoration Featured in Restoration & Remediation Magazine

Dry Ice Blasting Fire Damage Before & After

Restoration companies who have discovered the advantages of dry ice blasting for cleaning the soot and stains that fires leave behind cite its effectiveness for delicate surfaces, speed and mess-free application.

Two restoration company professionals are featured in a recently published article in Restoration & Remediation magazine by Polar Clean CEO Jennifer Sergio.

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Dry Ice Blasting Garage Fire Remediation Before

Before with Fire Damage

Dry Ice Blasting Garage Fire Remediation After

After Dry Ice Blasting


Dry Ice Blasting Church Fire Remediation Before

Dry Ice Blasting Church Fire Remediation After


Remediating Fire Damage on Wood

The article describes the use of Polar Clean dry ice blasting in a variety of fire restoration settings, including the delicate ceiling restoration of a Florida church damaged in a 2020 arson, an Indiana apartment complex fire, an oven fire at a Midwestern food manufacturing facility, and a smoke-intensive fire at a recreational vehicle painting facility.

In each case, dry ice blasting was the right solution for cleaning heavy deposits of soot and grime from ceiling and floor joists and cavities without the introduction of media debris or water.

From removing tiny carbon particles embedded in wooden beams and joists to cleaning of walls, floors and crevices where the only alternative is often hand cleaning, dry ice blasting is typically faster, far less laborious and often more cost-effective than other cleaning methods.

The Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting for Fire Restoration

While dry ice blasting has been around for over two decades, it’s often overlooked as a method for removing soot, char and odor from fire damaged surfaces.

Read the complete article to learn more about how dry ice blasting is used in the fire restoration setting, with benefits that include:

  • No residual debris to clean up – dry ice sublimates on contact
  • Safe for use on surfaces including wood, brick, masonry, limestone, wood, and metal
  • Water-free and safe for use on or around equipment, wiring and electrical components
  • Effective for removal of smoke-damaged batted insulation
  • Customizable force that can be adjusted to a light dusting for delicate surfaces
  • Often significantly faster than other abrasive cleaning methods or hand-cleaning

A Track Record of Fire Remediation Success

The Polar Clean team has deep experience in cleaning for fire restoration and has worked with fire restoration professionals in a wide array of challenging settings.

To learn more about dry ice blasting for fire restoration, reach out to one of our experts.

Before and after sections of a fire-damaged church ceiling

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