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Dry Ice Blasting for Safe & Effective Method of HRSG Tube Cleaning

HRSG Dry Ice Cleaning

For HRSG tubes, dry ice blasting offers a safe, efficient, effective, and rust-free alternative to more time-consuming and costly methods of cleaning.

Heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) tubes often become fouled with sulfur, salt, corrosion, other debris, and deposits.

Cleaning HRSG tubes is a critical step in ensuring plant efficiency by decreasing back pressure and increasing heat transfer, but the process often risks the integrity of the system. Dry ice blasting provides a safe and effective cleaning method to ensure your heat recovery systems run smoothly year-round, and will be quickly performed within your critical path timeline during your next shutdown when you use Polar Clean.

Regular Dry Ice Blasting Prevents Costly Downtime

Ammonia salts, sulfur deposits, insulation, iron oxide deposits, and other types of corrosion and debris can develop within HRSG tubes, reducing the thermal efficiency of your system. If left uncleaned, combustion turbine backpressure can rise, potentially increasing the heat rate and damaging your system.

Additionally, with limited access to the internal tubes, cleaning poses a challenge to many plant operators. Dry ice blasting can swiftly and effectively clear out tubes without damaging the system.

Stay ahead of mishaps, tube damage, and more by monitoring backpressure readings and stack temperature to gauge the timing of your next cleaning. Scheduling regular cleanings during plant downtime can prevent unexpected (and costly) downtime from occurring.

As a chemical-free, safe, and effective method of cleaning, dry ice blasting quickly and securely cleans tubes – often without costly disassembly or reassembly of parts. Certified dry ice blasting technicians utilize high pressure blasting to remove debris and buildup from tubes without damaging tube bundle welds through unnecessary spreading of bundles.

Some of the many benefits of dry ice blasting include:

  • No water
  • No chemicals
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-abrasive
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-conductive
  • Safe for the environment
  • Safe for equipment
  • No post-cleaning cleanup

Turnkey HRSG Cleaning Solutions

Historically, hydroblasting was the primary method of cleaning HRSG tubes, but this process often creates rust – among other issues – that requires further cleaning and repairs. Additional methods of cleaning HRSG tubes involve acoustical blasting with either explosive charges or digital sound blasting, potentially causing severe damage to the system.

Dry ice blasting offers a safe and effective alternative to messy, harmful, or ineffective methods of cleaning. At Polar Clean, we utilize a proprietary dry ice blasting method to ensure on-time completion and exceptional results. Our HRSG cleaning services include:

  • Baffle plate removal
  • Scaffold installation (Tube and Skyclimber)
  • SCR cleaning
  • Tube bundle cleaning
  • Engineered containment
  • Complete debris removal and disposal
  • Ongoing borescope inspection and photo documentation
  • HEPA cleanup upon completion

Get Started Today

Comprised of a team of industry veterans with a strong EMR and safety record, Polar Clean will execute a seamless operation within your required timeframe to optimize cleaning during scheduled plant downtime. Dry ice blasting provides a faster and better method to thoroughly clean HRSG tubes in a safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way.

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