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Dry Ice Blasting of Industrial Motors

Industrial Motor Dry Ice Cleaning

Did you know that electric motors account for up to 80% of all available electric energy used by an industrial site? Or that electric motors waste up to 50% of electric energy due to inefficient motor optimization caused largely by contamination?

Yet another application of dry ice blasting is the cleaning of industrial electric motors all types and sizes, especially those found in heavy industrial sites like steel mills and other large commercial facilities.

Cleaning motors with dry ice removes contamination and helps prevent the following:

  • Driving up motor temperature
  • Drawing more amps
  • Shorter motor life
  • Unexpected downtime
  • Higher energy costs
  • Higher maintenance costs

Dry ice cleaning also offers numerous advantages over traditional motor cleaning methods with increasing efficiency and longevity being first and foremost.

Traditional Motor Cleaning vs. Dry Ice Blasting

Traditional cleaning methods are not recommended for motors because they are water-based, which cannot be used around any electronic components and can cause rust. Abrasive cleaning is sometimes used but can cause damage to the motor or engine. Either will likely lead to downtime plus additional time needed for clean-up afterwards.

Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive, so will not damage metal or even more delicate circuitry and wiring. In many cases, you can use dry ice blasting to clean in place (in situ), so no disassembly is required and it’s easy to clean windings. Additionally, there is no waste to clean up afterwards because the dry ice turns into gas (sublimates) following its use in blasting.

Note: though dry ice blasting is also ideal for cleaning engine blocks, this is not a service provided by Polar Clean unless you need to clean the engines of large industrial vehicles or a fleet of cars and trucks.

Motor Cleaning Before & After

300 Horsepower Motor

Steel Mill Hot Strip Mill Motor

Disassembly Cleaning of Industrial Motor Cap
(before: left half, after: right half)

Annual Energy Cost of 13 Electric Motors FSH (Pre/Post Dry Ice Blasting)

Dry Ice Blasting Increased Energy Savings by 42%


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