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New Guide: Blasting Solutions for Restoration Projects

Commercial, industrial and historic restoration cleaning projects pose a wide array of challenging scenarios, beginning with identifying the right method and approach.

Our new guide, Blasting Solutions for Restoration Projects, provides an overview of the specialized cleaning solutions that work best in this unique context.

Complex & Delicate Settings

Careful planning is required for restoration cleaning projects. From the handling of delicate and aged materials found in the historical restoration setting to the fragile work of fire restoration, each scenario demands a cleaning strategy customized to the application and the type and condition of material to be cleaned. Preserving the original structure while restoring surfaces caked with debris or ash or other buildup requires a cautious and tailored approach – and not all cleaning solutions are up to the job.

Our new guide provides an overview of practices and methods for meeting these challenges, while also ensuring effective results.

Specialized Cleaning Solutions for Restoration Work

Among the key solutions covered, this guide highlights the use of sponge and dry ice blasting – separately and in combination – for results that are particularly effective for restoration projects, where cleaning methods that can get the job done with less abrasion are often required. You will also learn:

  • An overview of the most common restoration cleaning applications
  • A comparison of cleaning methods from dry ice blasting to abrasive blasting
  • Case studies that demonstrate real-world challenges and solutions
  • Special considerations for fire damage remediation
  • Value of partnering with a specialist

Polar Clean Experience

Restoration projects are diverse, and no single solution works for every application. Identifying the best approach can make all the difference in the quality of results and the difficulty of achieving them.

The Polar Clean team has experience with a wide variety of large restoration projects and created this guide to share what we have learned in the process of determining the best solution for different scenarios. We hope you’ll find the guide useful as you pursue the best solution for your next restoration project.

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The Polar Clean Advantage

Dry ice blasting is an effective, versatile and water-free method that is particularly well-suited for restoration projects. Because dry ice (CO2) pellets sublimate on contact, dry ice blasting leaves no secondary debris and requires little cleanup. The ability to adjust the blasting pressure for surfaces as delicate as electrical panels also makes dry ice blasting a good fit for restoration work.

The Polar Clean team utilizes a wide range of other cleaning methods as well and employs a careful assessment process for determining the best method, or combination of methods, for each application.

Our work with restoration contractors includes a wide variety of settings where we bring additional certifications and expertise in working at heights and confined spaces, among other specialized training.

To learn how to tackle your next restoration cleaning challenges with confidence, read the full guide: Blasting Solutions for Restoration Projects.

For a personalized cleaning assessment or more information, contact a member of our team.

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