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Petrochemical & Power Plant Needs Drive Gulf Coast Expansion for Polar Clean

Oil refinery

With special expertise serving the petrochemical and power generation industries, Polar Clean is expanding its footprint along the Gulf Coast.

With the relocation of team members from our Indiana headquarters, along with a planned investment in equipment and additional facility space, we can better serve an area where our Webster, Texas facility has been providing industrial blasting, including dry ice, sponge, aluminum oxide and hydroblasting, since 1994.

“As demand has increased for cleaning fan units, reactors, catalysts, boilers, gas and steam turbines, HRSGs, SCRs, substations, electrical equipment and more, we’re excited to expand our operations in Texas,” said Polar Clean CEO Jennifer Kelm Sergio.

Dry Ice Blasting for Effective Cleaning of Reactors, Turbines, HRSGs & More

Water-free and chemical-free dry ice blasting, a signature Polar Clean solution, uses frozen CO2 pellets to blast away dirt and grime from the surface and interiors of reactors, gas  turbines, HRSGs, boilers, furnaces, cooling towers, SCRs, reformers and heat exchangers. Additional services include sponge, aluminum oxide (ALOX), and abrasive blasting for steam turbines where more aggressive cleaning is needed. Polar Clean also offers hydroblasting and vacuum services when required.

Petrochemical and power generation facility managers like dry ice blasting for its water-free effectiveness at pressures that can be adjusted down to a gentle “dusting” safe for cleaning delicate equipment like electrical panels.

Industry Experience & A Track Record of Happy Customers

With deep industry experience and the ability to quickly remove a wide variety of adherents with predictable execution and minimal disruption during shutdowns, turnarounds and emergency maintenance, the Polar Clean team has seen growing demand for its refinery and power generation facility services.

The Texas team will be led by Sean Simpson. who has overseen a wide variety of innovative blasting applications as Polar Clean’s senior Director of Operations.

Read our case study to learn about our work at one Gulf Coast refinery where dry ice blasting of a refinery reactor made believers of a crew that had been using wire brushes to do the job by hand.

Contact a member of the Polar Clean team to learn more about our solutions for your petrochemical or power plant cleaning challenges.

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