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Polar Clean has Engineered Cleaning Solutions for Coffee Roasting Plants

Engineered Cleaning Solutions for Coffee Roasting Plant

When your customers sit down at their favorite café and enjoy your coffee, they may be experiencing the impact of Polar Clean’s specialized services to the coffee roasting industry.

Long before you and your customers experience the rich taste of a coffee bean ground and brewed to your satisfaction and delight, Polar Clean’s engineered cleaning solutions may have cleaned the coffee roaster, duct work and silos in the coffee processing plant helping to make each cup of coffee both safe to consume and with a quality experience every time.

Polar Clean’s SQF Certifications in the Food Industry sets us apart from the competition. We are the first and only company in the world to achieve the SQF Level 3 Category 30 designation. Level three is the highest level of certification and indicates advanced expertise in both food safety and the highest level of food quality.

We use only IECS Certified Dry Ice Blasting Technicians and food grade dry ice in our cleaning solutions. This means that we have the best expertise available and are not introducing chemicals or contaminants into the production environment.

Utilizing our proprietary cleaning techniques, we can lower utility costs, create a faster throughput and increase product quality by expertly cleaning build-up on roasters, in the ductwork and in the silos. Eliminating buildup in the roaster and dryer helps to maintain a higher quality end-product while reducing the operating costs of preparing the coffee beans for the consuming public. Removing buildup in ducts and silos reduces clogs and shut-downs which also reduces the operating costs and utility consumption. Also reducing buildup in the silos eliminates spoilage and mold in the product. In some cases where buildup has become a problem, we have literally had to remove tons of spoiled product. The best way to clean is also the most efficient way to clean and ensure product quality.

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