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The Right Recipe and Key Ingredients are Essential to Producing a Quality Food Product

Key Ingredients are Essential to Producing a Quality Food Product

The same is true for building a superior service company to deliver world class engineered cleaning solutions.

Polar Clean has three key components to our successful strategy:

  • Safety & Risk Management Expertise
  • Dry Ice Expertise
  • Client’s Industry Expertise

Safety & Risk Management

Safety is the number one priority on all jobs for all clients. There is nothing we value more than the safety of our highly skilled Team, and that of our clients.

We prepare a written Composite Risk Management analysis for every job we perform to identify any potential safety risks and to mitigate them with our pre-planning. We make safety the center of every operational plan. Because of this, Polar Clean has the safest team in the industry.

Dry Ice Expertise

Polar Clean is an Industry leader, using only Certified Dry Ice Blasting Technicians, with the training and experience necessary to produce superior results every time. Our technicians have a technical and applied understanding of every phase of the dry ice blasting process. They are experts on the equipment and the calibrations needed to ensure a quality outcome with the equipment we use. They understand and maintain proper PSI and CFM settings with air compression and use the right customized nozzles to achieve the results you need.

Client’s Industry Expertise

Polar Clean thinks about your business the way that you do. We learn your business so that we are part of your team and can give you the value proposition you want from a world class service company. We want to keep your production lines moving. We want to reduce your operating costs with efficiencies obtained through a proper and thorough engineered cleaning solution that is specialized for your industry and scaled to your business.

We know the Food Industry, so Polar Clean is the world’s first and only SQF, Level 3 Certified Company (Category 30). We have maintained this certification since our founding, with Audit ratings of “Excellent” each year. Polar Clean has multiple SQF Practitioners on staff, as well as HACCP Certified personnel. Our teams are OSHA certified, for confined spaces and heights, and much more. We are not only safety conscious, but each and every one of our employees is safety prepared.

We have these three key ingredients working for you through Polar Clean, you can rest assured that you are in safe, competent and accomplished hands.

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