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What’s Hiding in Your Ceiling?

Ceilings and rafters can house dust, grime, grease, and other contaminants that jeopardize the quality – and safety – of your products. Dry ice blasting provides a fast, thorough, water-free and environmentally friendly solution for a difficult cleaning job.

Most cleaning programs focus on the floors, workspaces, manufacturing equipment, and more – without ever looking “up” to address the contaminants and debris hiding in your ceiling and among overhead rafters.

Food production facilities, however, don’t have the luxury of limiting their cleaning to spaces that can be easily reached.

Dust, grime and grease accumulate in overhead spaces and over time, the buildup of these contaminants can jeopardize audits, product quality and safety and the structural integrity of your ceiling. But reaching theses spaces can be a challenge for ordinary cleaning processes. Some businesses resort to hand cleaning to try to eliminate the threat of dirt and debris falling into production areas, as well as the fire hazard that dust buildup near heat or electrical equipment can create.

There is a better way.

Dry Ice Blasting: High-Powered, Low-Impact Cleaning for Hard-to-Reach Surfaces

From combustible dust and debris to the risk of product contamination and steep fines, food processors face cleaning challenges on an entirely different scale than other businesses.

Dry ice (CO2) blasting provides a safe and thorough method of effectively cleaning ceilings, rafters and removing debris from otherwise inaccessible nooks and crannies to ensure that your facilities are clean, safe and compliant.

The Polar Clean team has deep experience in dry ice cleaning for the food and beverage industry with HACCP, SQF and GMP trained and certified personal and expertise in cleaning for both allergen controls and allergen product cleanup and removal. That includes expertise in working safely at heights and in confined space environments. We maintain strict compliance with OSHA guidelines for use of aerial lifts and respirators.

Containment Is Key

Containment is a critically important part of successful ceiling cleaning. Many assume they can’t clean the ceiling because of everything below it and that cleaning cannot be performed during production.

Polar Clean can engineer a containment system that protects your equipment and the people below, so much so that we can even perform overhead cleaning while production lines are running.

Dry Ice Blasting Is Fast, Effective & Mess-Free

As an environmentally safe and water-free alternative to traditional cleaning methods, dry ice blasting effectively removes contaminants from ceilings, including paint chips, dust, grease, oil buildup, and more.

In addition to food industry clients, Polar Clean also provides scheduled overhead cleaning for an array of other industries. At one automobile manufacturing client, twice yearly dry ice cleaning has maintained the surface of 40-foot beams throughout a warehouse, extending the lifespan of these massive metal structures that would otherwise have required replacement at a cost estimated at over $150,000 each.

Carefully Contained, Professionally Performed Cleaning for Hard-to-Reach Jobs

Free of abrasive materials, chemicals and water, dry ice removes contaminants and other particulates without the need for time-consuming, post-process clean-up.

Dry ice blasting achieves a superior clean, leaving behind a smooth, dry surface ready for recoating. Additionally, the process:

  • Requires little or no downtime
  • Requires no clean-up of sediment or water
  • Uses no harmful chemicals
  • Is gentle enough to use around fragile equipment

For ceilings and other facility structure cleaning projects, the team at Polar Clean utilizes carefully designed containment practices to prevent the spread of removed dirt, dust and debris. The process is fast, effective, dry, and chemical free.

Get Started with Dry Ice Blasting

Polar Clean has decades of experience working with manufacturers across industries to ensure the cleanliness, safety and compliance of their facilities. Contact us to learn more about our high-quality dry ice blasting services for overhead cleaning and more.

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